Desi asks for a cigarette and Lucy happily fetches the Phillip Morris - "You see how easy it is to keep your man happy?" she confides. You also get to see what the closing to the show really looked like, the heart image we see on reruns today was created in the late-fifties for the syndication package. If we told you the original network run of (1960-1966) was sponsored by a cigarette maker and that you could watch the main characters smoking Winstons at the end of the show, you probably wouldn't believe me. This animated series was a prime-time show, considered adult fare in 1960, so we guess nobody thought any better of it. With a large audience of youngsters tuning in at 8:30pm, was this proof that the tobacco companies were targeting younger potential smokers decades before Joe Camel? The Flintstones could also be seen selling beer in commercials, for what that's worth.