Teaserama 1955 69 mins
This is a compilation of several 1950s burlesque acts. There are some strippers, some stand-up comics of the take-my-wife-please variety and cult favorite Betty Page who introduces the acts and frames the film by strutting her stuff.

Varietease 1954 65 mins

This is like the whole weirdo 1950's in one loving Valentine for film lovers! Firstly, we get to see the lovely, leggy legend Bettie Page (the world's first supermodel?) and her cronies (I think the "star" Lili St. Cyr is pretty fine too) doing exotic and bizarre striptease acts. We also have a hyperactive Emcee, some amazing comedy schtick straight out of a '30s vaudeville show, musical numbers that have to be seen to be believed, a goofy drag queen number that seems avant-garde for the sterile mid-'50s, and some fake behind-the-scenes fluff that is priceless. A comedienne laments she's "always a bridesmaid, never a bride." A hacky stand-up actually has the nerve to steal Henny Youngman's trademark line: "Take my wife, please!" There's a novelty dance act that mocks domestic violence! And don't forget those lovely ladies! Plus, the stoned emcee tries to sing, twice! This is an omnibus of rare borscht-belt nightclub acts, a reeling, precious cultural time capsule, and one of the great party films of all time. Every time you watch it, the weirder it gets, and you wonder, "this was only 50 years ago?" At the picture's start, the out-of-control emcee gushes, "We got 6 of the hottest dolls from Paris! Paris, FRANCE!!!" Later he reduces the number to 3, and then to 2! Classic camp that is out of its mind!

Strip O Rama 1953 70 mins
Ah the fifties--the waning days of burlesque. Men were so horny they were willing to put up with anything--including lame comedians in order to watch women walk around in marginally erotic outfits and sometimes strip.
These ecdysiasts are consummate artists, and Lili St.Cyr is at her loveliest, in this loving tribute to burlesque. This film is a real time capsule of a "lost" art form.
Betty Page has a small role in this one and she is no where near the class act of the other "professionals"

Be sure to watch Rosita Royce and her amazing birds!